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The fundamentals: Engage Brain before Fingers on a keyboard…

We encourage robust debate. We love a well-thought-out, well-argued point. And we really weren’t joking when we said that we want the Maverick Insider Membership to be a community.

But anything sexist, racist, abusive, threatening and intolerant will incur immediate reaction. Sir Isaac Newton comes to mind: for every action, there will be an equal and opposite reaction. So transgressing good sense commentary aimed to engage and stretch our mutual brain scapes, can solicit various degrees of reaction from a simple reprimand to being banned from DM Insider. See T&Cs below. And yes, Poplak is the ONLY exception – He can swear. He’s earned it.

Now we have all that out of the way, here’s how we’ll do it for the DM Insider community. How else but with some clever software? So if you find that for some reason your comment isn’t posting, take a breath and consider rewriting your point. And also keep an eye out on trolls that might take pride to beat the software – report any inappropriate comments.

This is how it’s gonna play for those who really just do not want to play nice:

  • Your comment is deemed not to be toxic and you will be able to continue commenting and partaking in all Maverick Insider benefits.
  • Your comment is deemed toxic and you will be contacted by us and asked to refrain from such behaviour in future and you will be put in ‘time-out’ (yes, like a toddler) and blocked from making comments for one week. If you are a repeat offender (repeat is defined as more than once) your membership as a Maverick Insider will be revoked.
  • Your comment is deemed severely toxic and your membership to Maverick Insider will be cancelled by us, you will not receive a refund on any donation and you will be banned from ever rejoining. Even Trump will look down on you.

The small print (Please read, we don’t need any DNA as proof, but believe that you agree to it as you are posting comments). By exercising your right to posting commentary, you have agreed to:

  • the comments policy and the code of conduct, especially the definition and determination of toxic comments.
  • be honest and to abide by the tenet of ‘truth’ of Daily Maverick when posting. In this regard, no member will impersonate, misrepresent or lie as to their identity or affiliation with other parties.
  • to uphold the privacy of members. With this regard, no member shall use any information garnered from Daily Maverick to contact, track or harass another member either on or off our site.
  • that any decision taken with regard to comment arbitration, and the right to Insider membership, by Daily Maverick is final and absolute.

A final word…
We won’t tolerate anyone abusing our journalists. As so many of you have noted when you signed up to be members, they are exceptionally hard working and dedicated human beings who have every day put themselves at risk in order to unveil hidden truths for you and the good of the country. You don’t need to agree with them but you do need to be constructive in your criticism.