Love in the time of Corona

The coronavirus pandemic is already taking a significant toll on human relationships. In this episode, we look at the separations between loved ones created by the South African lockdown, and one way people are finding to deal with separation.

Rebecca also talks to a couple whose relationship has survived a situation far more intense than a 21-day lockdown: just the two of them, in a confined space, with limited supplies, at the mercy of terrifying external forces, for six months… 

To report domestic violence or abuse contact the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre at 0800 150 150 

Don’t Shoot the Messenger is produced by Haji Mohamed Dawjee and presented by Rebecca Davis with editing by Tevya Turok Shapiro, original theme music by Bernard Kotze and additional support by Kathryn Kotze.


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Additional audio from South China Morning Post and Times Free Press

Music by Sandy Pierce and Young Rich Pixies